The third in our series focusing on the creative talents behind the scenes features designer, illustrator, film maker and musician Paul Phillips. His work under as True Spilt Milk Designs showcases his incredible talent for intricate illustration, boundless creativity and signature style.

Paul kindly answered some of our questions…

How did you start your career in design/illustration?
I used to be a musician and somewhere around 2007 we disbanded after a battle to stay afloat financially, with an impending recession and a fair bit of having burnt ourselves out touring we went different paths and I for lack of being able to even score a job interview let alone a job, decided to weather the recession by going to Uni and using student loans to live off. I came out the other side with a degree in Graphic Design and immediately started trying to score bits and bobs of work doing record sleeve’s¬†and gig posters for bands, which having been in a touring band already had a fair few contacts, but thats not to say it was easy. It was tough.
If you could only save one project or piece of work from your entire career, what would you pick?
Super hard question as the work I am most proud of isn’t always the work I like the most. For instance, on one hand pride would have me take the tour poster I created for Brian Wilson as thats a career high for me and The Beach Boys were a big influence musically. However I have two more recent pieces that I would rather take as they are artistically closer to what I aim for as an artist so I prefer to look at them. I think I’d rather someone else made the decision for me, is that a cop out?
Tell us about some other designers who’s work you think we should know about?
I mean, the list is looooooooong. I am a huge fan of Nico DeLort, Ken Taylor, Aaron Horkey, Kevin Tong and Daniel Danger.
What advice would you give someone wanting to work in design?
Get used to the idea that it will be a fight to get your work any kid of recognition, make peace with it and design for the love of it and not because you have a goal, it’s fine to have a goal but if you let it rule you you’ll end up resenting your trade. This is my advice, which I do not follow.
What are you listening to at the moment? Any recommendations?
The new Sex Swing record is pretty great as is the new Oranssi Pazuzu. I’ve been also spinning Modern Rituals, Wallowing, Shower of Teeth, Moses Boyd, Crack Cloud and the most recent Bohren & Der Club of Gore album.
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