In the fourth instalment of our Art X Music series, we’re featuring photographer Eleonora Collini. She’s shot some of our gigs recently and her photos are always brilliant. She chatted to us about her inspirations, future plans and favourite shows.

What first got you interested in photography?
I have been playing around with cameras since I was a kid. My dad is an artist, and I studied Art and then Film at the University, so visual arts have always played a major role in my life, but I only properly got into photography 10 years ago when I was living in the States. What I love the most about photography is the ability of freezing a moment in time and owing it forever.  I love the immediacy and conciseness of photographs.
If you could photograph a show by any artist, living or dead, who would you pick?
The Arctic Monkeys or the Last Shadow Puppets. Alex Turner is the only living musician I really admire that I haven’t been able to photograph yet. And I would have loved to photograph Nirvana.
Do you have a favourite photo that you’ve ever taken? 
There is this black and white photograph of my musician friend Joanna Lero I took for her first EP artwork. It’s her escaping through a window with her guitar. That was the window of my former flat in Maida Vale, and to take that photo I had to stand on my rooftop. It was one of those unforgettable afternoons playing records on my old turntable, drinking wine and making art with one of my closest friends, in a place that meant a lot to me for many reasons. That photo was exhibited in various art galleries in Europe. Thesedays I don’t shoot in black and white much anymore, but I was going through a monochrome phase back then.
What are you listening to at the moment? Any recommendations? 
My favourite records of 2020 so far are the new Porridge Radio and the debut album of Louise Verneuil, a French singer-songwriter.  I am also currently obsessed with the upcoming album of Muzz (the new project of Paul Banks from Interpol) which is coming out in early June. My friends Bee Bee Sea also have their third album coming out in October. They are the best Italian band and play such awesome garage/psych rock music, you should definitely check them out!
What are you most looking forward to doing once all this is over? 
Traveling. Anywhere. I am planning to travel within UK visiting my friends first, and then hopefully to Italy to see my family and somewhere else abroad. The thing I am most missing at the moment is taking portraits, and gig photos of course, but I know that’s a long way. There is also a Darkroom course I was supposed to start in April, and I really hope it can get rescheduled soon.
My website is You can follow me on Instagram (@eleonoracolliniphotography) or Facebook (Eleonora Collini Photography). I also have a music photography blog
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