Form | Class of ’21: Yard Act

We’re kicking off January introducing the artists who will be defining the next 12 months

Our Class of ’21 are the are creating some of the most exciting new music around right now. Spanning genres from spoken word and post punk to IDM and ambient, they will hopefully help your 2021 get off to an inspired start.

First up, we’ve got Leeds’ Yard Act. Have a listen to Fixer Upper and get to know them below…

Who: Yard Act

Where: Leeds

What: Yard Act ‘fuse James’ interest in spoken word with Ryan’s primitive proto-punk demos using an ancient drum machine and borrowed bass guitar’

Why: “There’s acuity, pathos and wit, deadpan storytelling over catchy, snaking riffs and relentless grooves. It’s the music you’d imagine Yorkshire comedy genius Daniel Kitson might make, teetering between spite and sympathy, humanity and brutality.” Guardian


Describe your music for someone who’s never heard it?
either ace or crap depending on whether you’re into it or not.

Who are some artists who’re inspiring you right now?
I really like the new Clipping Record.

What’s been your highlight of 2020?
Definitely clapping for the NHS. Well done to those guys this year.

What are you most excited about for 2021?
Definitely clapping for the NHS again. I’m sure they’re going to smash it next year.

Tell us about a band/artist that you’re excited to hear more from in 2021?
I’m really keen on this artist called Baba Ali, the few tracks I’ve heard are really effing cool.

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