We chatted to Alex of Lady Bird on the release of debut album ‘WE‘, out today on Alcopop! Records. Whilst unfortunately their Patterns show won’t be going ahead, we discussed the Brighton venue in the first of our monthly venue highlighter series, with lots of exciting shows happening at the venue in the upcoming months! Check out the interview below, or grab tickets for any Patterns shows here

Venue: Patterns

Why is this venue so special to you?

I actually spoke to my partner for the first time ever, in the smoking garden at Patterns, so that’s pretty special! It’s also a local venue to both Joe and I. I’ve been to several gigs here, but 2 that stand out in my mind the most – life changing experiences!


What’s the best gig you’ve ever attended there?

Willie J Healey. A good friend of ours and one of the loveliest, most wonderful chaps you’ll ever meet. A true modern classic. One of the best songwriters of the last 5 years. Alex Turner wishes he was Willie J Healey; so do I…  


What is unique about this venue?

It’s a low ceiling venue which makes it feel really intimate. It’s got a couple of slightly different layers so everyone from the front to the back can see. It feels really inclusive and special. 


Any weird memories at Patterns?

Too many to name. Have had many a night out at patterns. Couldn’t possibly embarrass myself. But said night that I met my partner was actually Joe’s birthday way back in 2017, of which me and Sam drove down for especially. It got messy. We all did silly things. Sam ran straight into the shutters of a corner shop on purpose that night. That’s all I need to say and that’s as far as I’ll go aha. 


What unreleased track from WE are you excited for people to hear and why?

The title track I would say is one that I’m most looking forward to being out in the world. It’s immensely personal to me, and it’s the most honest I’ve personally ever been on record. I like to think it also shows another side to us that people might not necessarily expect. 


You recently shared Chelsea Cutler’s post about the strange new social media landscape that artists are finding themselves having to navigate in order to promote their music, turning their lives into content. Is this something you’ve struggled with as a band?

I would say yes, this is something we’ve struggled with. None of us are natural social media people, and the impetus put on being active on social media and to be consistent with putting things out, I find very hard and quite anxiety inducing. I don’t consider my life to be interesting enough to be posting all the time, but if you want to hit the algorithms correctly, and spread what you are doing effectively, you’ve got to keep it up. Posting regularly. Using new features like Reels or TikTok. 

I think it’s concerning that promotions and careers are being built from doing these things alone. It doesn’t feel organic or natural to me, and I think we run the risk of homogenizing culture, music and art. More and more people are doing things in their real life now, because that’s what other people all over the world do on social media. There’s no such thing as subcultures anymore, and I think that leads to a lack of identity for young people and the sense that you belong to something. 

More specifically, in relation to music and art creation, I worry that these forms will become watered down, only made to get likes or followers or shares. Music created solely to be on a Reel. To capture your attention and to be catchy and to make you want to watch more reels. That’s probably already being done. We as a band are skeptical of it all, and we keep it at arms length but we have to recognise that it’s a part of being a band these days. If it’s not on social media, did it really happen? And how the hell will you tell anyone what you’re up to? 


Which law would you change and why?

My word! What a question…. I’d rescind any law that Priti Patel has been involved in. The nationality and borders bill I think is very troubled and starts to tread on the toes of human rights and break international laws. I’m worried that post Brexit, this government is doing their best to build their equivalent of the wall along the border. I believe this country is built on immigration and the exchanging and sharing of cultures and this government is quickly eroding that. Proud to be British? Not me. 


Any profession outside of music?

Well, Sam is a music teacher working with young people with special educational needs. Joe works as a teaching assistant and as a One-to-One with children who need extra support at a primary school. And I am currently trying to work within addiction and drug abuse services, given that I’m currently in the early stages of my own recovery from addiction. So we very much have professions outside of music already!




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