The best new music coming out of SXSW’s online edition!

We need music more than ever right now – so with this in mind we’re continuing to dig around the world for the best music and bring it to you right here. On Thursdays we like to share our favourite discoveries on NEW MUSIC THURSDAY. This includes music we’re enjoying, recently discovered or bands we’re currently listening to. This week we wanted to focus on acts playing at SXSW, this year due to Covid the event is online, and we can listen from the comfort of our own homes.

The festival is an amazing platform for up-and-coming musicians and also an incredible opportunity for everyone from around the world to discover the newest acts. This year the event being online, you can still discover some incredible artists and support them by buying their music or telling your friends about them which is why we’ve decided to share some of our favourite discoveries from this year – follow and listen to our playlist on Spotify featuring the likes of Porij, Sofia Valdes, MOZIAH, Sycco and Pillow Queens. 

  • New Music: Real Lies – Late Arcades
  • New Music: Gengahr – LOVE
  • FORM Artwork: Moon Duo
    + words from our designer
  • FORM20: Electronic
  • Our guide to Love Record Stores Day
  • Soundtrack of our Lives
    Elliot Callard