Our favourite discoveries of the past week

We’re sharing New Music Thursday featuring recent discoveries, new acts we’re currently listening to and our tips for the future. Now more than ever we feel it’s so important to mine the corners of the internet to find some of the wonderful creativity that abounds… Check them out here!

Lous and the Yakuza

The Congolese-Belgium rapper, Lous and the Yakuza is “one to watch’ (Guardian). When she was young, Marie-Pierra Kakoma’s mother gave her an equation for success: When you’re Black, you have to work twice as hard. When you’re young, Black and female, make that 10 times as hard. Making music as Lous and the Yakuza, Kakoma has embraced this message, and the journey to releasing Lous’s debut album, “Gore,”. In the last several years, the 24-year-old Kakoma has moved countries, dropped out of college and endured months of homelessness. Don’t wait, go and discover her LP!


We told you about 19-year-old Brisbane local Sycco with her single Dribble a few months ago which was critically acclaimed. Sycco is back with “Germs” released on Future Classic, home of Flume, G Flip and SOPHIE. No doubt we will hear more and more from her.

Blue Bendy

South Londoner’s Blue Bendy just released a single “International” out on Simonie Records. “International” is a relaunch of the band, emerging from the lockdown that has fucked over so many up-and-comers who were generating a buzz on the live scene pre-pandemic. Before lockdown, they’d supported the likes of Squid, Drahla, Omni and Scalping.


Rapper/singer-songwriter and producer Zanillya is an emerging talent that wants to make her own positive impact in the world. After an arduous journey though her inner self, Zanilliya is about to release her first EP – which blends her very diverse influences, roots and interests. Listen to her single “Sacrifies” – out today!


We can’t recommend Melbourne-based band Romero enough. Following the release of their debut double A-side 7” ‘Honey/Neapolitan’, the quintet of power-pop newbies just shared a new single “Troublemaker”. “Already hand-picked by Sheer Mag and Twin Peaks to support them live {Romero} and their new single are about to make a name for themselves worldwide”. Can’t wait to hear more from them!

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