We caught up with Lucy from the electrifying, high kicking three piece Orchards ahead of their Hope & Ruin show. They shared with us their favourite photo from the last few years, chatted ‘Trust Issues‘, and generally caught up on how the band are doing! Catch them on their UK headline tour in March following the release of their latest EP, out on Big Scary Monsters records.

Where / when was this taken?

The Photo/Video Shoot for our first single since our album ‘Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)’!

Who took it?

Our favourite person ever Jessie Morgan! They are truly the reason we look as good as we do! They’re one of the only people we’ve ever felt truly relaxed with.

What do you think of when you see this photo? 

The sheer release this shoot gave us all. The last 2 years had been so dull and lightless and this shoot was exactly what we needed to just feel like a band again!

What’s something we might not be able to figure out just by looking at it?

That confetti cannon was a good 3 years old. We used to shoot a confetti cannon at every show for at least 2 years, and for some reason we stopped. I took a bag of old decorations and just random stuff to make the shoot fun and the cannon was magically in the bottom of the bag! It was so old and it took us 3 people and 25 minutes to pop the cannon. So those smiles and laughter was honestly real because it scared the absolute life out of us! It was also one of the last things we did because it made a mess so it rounded this amazing cathartic day off perfectly.

Why do you love it?

It’s just being truly happy to be back being a band again after so long waiting! Music and this band is our life and to be in a room being us again was honestly the most wonderful experience.

You’re a very active band on social media – does content creation come naturally to you alongside making music, or is it something you’ve had to practise and develop over the years? Is it ever hard to find a balance between just living your life and thinking all the time about what would make good content?

Wow. Loaded question, first thing in the morning! I have a serious struggle balancing social media and the actuality of real life. Comparison is the killer of creativity. If you’re constantly scrolling over a feed of non-realistic expectations, it can seriously affect your mental health. But on the other hand, social media is where some people go to find community and friendship. Striking a balance can be tricky. We try to keep our pages a wholesome and kind place for people to find themselves. It’s a cute little community and we are so lucky to have the sweetest fans!

If you could change one law, what would it be?

I’d make speaking loudly while a musician/band is playing completely illegal. Does it not bug anyone else!? It drives me loopy! Like go find a pub, stop talking over people’s creations you know. On a more serious note though I’d make period equity a legal requirement not just in schools but in all facets of life. In education, in workplaces. Everywhere. Scotland is doing great things in this area, but the rest of the world needs to catch up super-fast! Nobody would be alive without a working uterus/womb and periods are an integral part of that. People who bleed should not be unfairly hindered in their lives just because we’ve got a uterus!

If you had to pick any other profession outside of music, what would you be?

Truly, a museum tour guide. Or invent some talent and be an art teacher. I always wanted to be a cool art teacher. I literally dress like I want to be one too!

Prior to its release, what was the track on ’Trust Issues’ that you were most excited to share and why?

‘Wrong Shoes’ – and my answer totally remains the same now. They’re some of the best lyrics I’ve ever written and I feel the words so deeply. I also think it’s one of the best songs we’ve ever written! I still get goosebumps when I listen to it! Although, to be honest, I was more apprehensive about ‘Bye, Insecurity’, and people are loving it so maybe I’m not the best judge of character. We write music that we want to listen to, we always have, so it’s kinda like asking someone to pick a favourite child. I love them all. In very different ways!

Catch them live at The Hope & Ruin on Wednesday 30th March! Tickets available here


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