Bristol singer songwriter Henry Green is gearing up to release the follow up to his ace 2018 record Shift. He’s off on tour this Spring too, hitting London, Glasgow, Manchester and Bristol and tickets are on sale now.

Check out his selection of tracks which have been inspiring his creative process recently.

Slack Jaw – Sylvan Esso

This track is so unique, I love the intimacy and demo feel. It’s been a big influence, I always want to have that close proximity within my music. Even if my tracks occasionally move in to more expansive, open arrangements, I will always want to have those super intimate moments. I love that all of the dirty bits are there, the hiss, the buzz.. they’re part of the charm.

Limerence – Yves Tumor

I love the idea that if a loop, sound, progression or melody is beautiful enough, it can sit isolated without a need to surround it with other textures. I think a lot of ambient, minimalist music puts me in a new space, the refined arrangements somehow applying a similar effect to my mind and allowing me to find some sort of emptiness amongst the chaos. Limerence is a track that reminds me that I don’t always have to complicate arrangements within my own music, and hopefully there are a few moments on the album that reflect this.

Ypsilon – Ólafur Arnalds

I decided to let my love of neo-classical leak in to this new record, I chose to incorporate a lot more live strings, piano etc. Ólafur’s album ‘re:member’ was always a reference point, and an inspiration for incorporating those elements in to a more electronic backdrop. Ypsilon is my favourite track from the record, it has a very special mood to it and the way the track sinks down in to the hand drum/pitched pianos at 1:35 gets me every time.

Hey, Ma – Bon Iver

Impossible to not include a track from ‘i,i’. This album, like every other Bon Iver record, really impacted me. Bon Iver’s ability to take arrangements and production to so many new places, whilst still retaining unbelievably strong and emotive songs at the heart of it all, is amazing.

Break Apart – Bonobo & Rhye

Migration is one of my favourite albums, and this track with Rhye really helped me understand how a delicate, softer vocal can sit amongst a production style and feel that I love. Rhye is always a reference for me, I quite often find myself wrestling with my vocal style and how to get the most out of it’s fragility, but I find comfort in Rhye’s music and his ability to bring his vocal to new soundscapes. Him teaming up with my favourite producer Bonobo was always going to be beautiful.

Us – Jack Grace

I hadn’t heard of Jack Grace, but I stumbled across this track and absolutely loved it. I really identified with the production style, the way the vocal sits, the sound choices. Feels very unique, but somehow familiar and that’s a feeling I’m always searching for within music.

This Is How We Walk On The Moon – José González

Another vocal influence, but perhaps more to do with the capture and the approach. I find it hard to find references for the vocal sound I love, but José has that very intimate, double tracked vocal in a lot of his work and I’ve always been drawn to it. I absolutely love this Arthur Russell cover. I think the arrangement is so well thought out, tasteful and compliments the song so well.

Hedre – Groeni

Perhaps a slightly lesser known track, but I stumbled across it a few years back and keep circling back to it. I love how clean the mix is, the ambience, the groove. I think it was certainly an influence on a few of the production elements, and those moments where I let the tracks take a slightly darker route.

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