FORM’s staff are spending their time in lockdown looking back through their record collections to find the albums which have shaped their music taste. Kicking things off is FORM’s Head of Marketing, Elliot…

I didn’t want to include classic albums by people like Kate Bush, Leonard Cohen, Beastie Boys or Prince because whilst I really like some of them now, they were never particularly important to me growing up. The first music I was passionate about were pop punk and Nu Metal bands. My music taste built from there but the albums which meant the most to me are ones that I discovered in the early/mid 2000’s. I don’t really listen to many of them now but listening back to them to put this list together has brought back a bunch of memories from going to my first gigs in Birmingham, spending hours watching MTV2, visiting HMV every single weekend and looking through their entire ‘Rock/Pop’ and ‘Metal’ sections to see what was new and sitting at the back of the class at school talking about terrible emo bands.

Here’s my list, hopefully you’ll be inspired to dig back through your music collection and listen to some music which meant a lot to you in your teenage years.

Laura Marling – Alas I Cannot Swim

I saw the music video for New Romantic on MTV2 but missed who the song was by and I spent hours and hours trying to figure out who it was. I remember rushing to HMV to buy this album when it came out and tracks from it are still in my all time top 25 most played according to iTunes.

Bright Eyes – I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning

I don’t remember where or when I first heard of Bright Eyes but I listened to this album endlessly and for a few months after was on a mission to buy everything Bright Eyes ever released (that I could from the small branch of HMV in my local town)

Paramore – All We Know is Falling

Me and my friends from school started going to gigs in Birmingham, which was our closest big city. We saw a bunch of great bands and some which with hindsight were not so good, but at the time every trip to the Carling Academy was unbelievably exciting. Me and my friend Simon were massive fans of Paramore and we had tickets to see them play Academy 2 and after a couple of drinks purchased thanks to the venue never ID’ing their customers, we decided to try and get backstage. For some reason the band’s tour manager believed that we were from Atlantic Records and gave us 2 AAA’s and so we wandered straight into the band’s dressing room and got them all to sign our tickets.

Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction

The first Bad Religion album I heard was The Empire Strikes First and listening to it now, I think it’s fair to say it doesn’t particularly hold up but at the time I LOVED it and instantly became the worlds biggest Bad Religion fan. I bought Stranger Than Fiction a while later and again got really obsessed. I ditched my friends at Reading Festival 2005 to see the band in the Lock Up Tent as nobody else wanted to see them but I had the best time!

Reuben – Racecar is Racecar Backwards

Another band I first heard via MTV2. I still know all the words to pretty much every song on this album despite not listening to it for at least 5+ years. I don’t really care if The Smiths or Oasis ever get back together, but if there was ever a Reuben comeback show, I would be there front and centre.

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